Reporting Method - call source

Idea created by javajam on Aug 6, 2013
    Not planned
    • javajam

    When our Service Desk transitioned to CA SDM from Remedy we had some KPI's which were partially based on the source of the "call". I was contemplating adding a table and SRel to the table to the CR table in order to populate some "sources" ie email, telephone, walk up, etc. To my surprise the table already exists, and is configurable via the admin role in the GUI, and even the prepopulated values work 8pt; padding: 0px;"> 

    From what I can tell all that is needed is an SRel on the CR table to point to the values in the RPTMETH table and a simple drop down in the detail forms for incident/problem/request tickets.


    I plan to add as mods to our system and appreciate that the table is already present as is the ability to administer easily and report; however, in the long term I would prefer to see this incorporated into the product more formally.