Configurable Service Desk recovery behavior when ITPAM is down

Idea created by thomas.slyman on Aug 7, 2013
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    • thomas.slyman

    What business problem will be solved by adding this new feature?



    We've built a business process around Service Desk and ITPAM that basically
    uses a series of multiple child requests to fulfill a parent request.
    The series of child requests are completed one by one in a pre-determined
    order.  As one child request is  closed  in Service Desk, an event, which is attached
    to the 'close' activity, is triggered to call ITPAM to signal to the next group that they can start
    working on their request.  If ITPAM happens to be down when a request is
    closed, then the 'close' activity event trigger to ITPAM fails to complete, and so the
    business process is left in limbo.  By being able to configure recovery parameters into
    Service Desk, this, the event could sustain through expected or unexpected ITPAM outages.

    Describe the Enhancement Request in Detail.


    I would like to see recovery logic added to Service Desk so that it detects
    that an event which was to trigger an ITPAM workflow failed to execute, and then refers
    to user defined recovery parameters to control what happens on the failure
    such as [for example] retry again in 5 minutes for a retry limit of 10 times.


    Describe how you envision this new feature being implemented.


    Add configurable options in Service Desk, either under the Event
    configuration tab or somewhere within the ITPAM macro screens that can
    drive recovery logic on the condition that the ITPAM workflow failed to