Allow adding Multiple CIs to a Request

Idea created by wayne.robinson on Sep 5, 2013

    Often multiple items (CIs) are requested at the same time, yet the Service Desk Manager Request form allows only a single CI to be entered.


    Currently Requests, Incidents, and Problems share the same intial OOTB form base and store in the same database table.  Change Orders use a different form and store in another database table.  Using a ITIL processes Incidents are based on a single CI and may be related to a Problem for Root Cause Analysis.  Requests on the other hand are not related to Incidents or Problems.  Requests may be processed individually or may require a formal change via the Change Order form.  The problem with this flow is that, although the Change Order form allows multiple CIs, the Request form does not.  Just like requests in other industries, users may request one ore more items during the request, thus the the Request form needs to have the ablility to associate multiple CIs.  Example, user is requesting, a phone and a PC, a baseline computer and two software CIs for installation, two applications to be updated/enhanced, etc.