SDM/CMDB TWA Enhancement – Change the Status of All Pending CIs in the TWA Area in Bulk (and not 25 items at a time)

Idea created by bfields61 on Jul 26, 2013
    Not planned

    My enhance request involves the CMDB Transaction Work Area (TWA).  As CIs are pushed from the Catalyst Server into the CMDB, if required, they can be directed to the TWA CI Transaction area for further review before transferring them permanently into the CMDB.  As a result the TWA CI Transaction area can sometimes contain literally thousands of CIs waiting to be processed for the CMDB.  This is also true for the TWA Relationship Transaction area.  These CIs come into the TWA with at status of "Initial".


    The process for moving the CIs from the TWA and into the CMDB is the edit the CIs contained within the TWA and change their status from "Initial" to "Ready", then run the "grloader" command for the importing process.


    The issue is:


    When editing the CIs located in the TWA there is a 500 CI limit in the editing process that would allow you to list and edit ALL 500 CIs at once, and then import them via the "grloader" command.


    If there are more than 500 CIs in the list (i.e. 5000), the application does NOT allow you to list and edit them all at once.  Instead you can only list and edit 25 CIs at a time.  This process has to be repeated (25 CIs at a time) until the number of CIs remaining are 500 or less.  Once the CIs number 500 or less, then you can list and edit the status of the remaining 500 all at once.


    Because of this limitation, attempting to change the status of 5000 CIs in the TWA by changing to status from "Initial" to "Ready" 25 CIs at a time can become a very time consuming data operations process.
    Is there any way that this process can be improved, and that despite the number of CIs contained in the CMDB TWA they can be edited and the status of all CIs changed at once.


    Some applications achieve this by exporting the files into a excel spreadsheet so that the targeted information could be changed and then the file imported back into the application.  


    Is this a possibility?