Capture field values in activity log on initial 'save' of tickets

Idea created by tzadell on Aug 3, 2013
    Not planned

    We would like the activity log to show the values of fields when the ticket is initially saved.  Example:  A ticket is manually created, and assigned to routing group X, and the status is changed to 'Work in Progress" -- then the ticket is 'saved'.  Currently there is nothing in the activity log showing that the ticket was ever assigned to Group X, and the ticket ever was set to the "Work in Progress" status.  We need to be able to create reports that show things like the time a ticket was routed to a particular group, the time it was assigned to an analyst, and the time it spent in a particular status like 'awaiting customer' -- Without having the information in the activity log show what these field values were when the ticket was initially saved, there is no way to accurately report on these types of things.