Ability to calculate ticket durations based on the analyst's workshift hours, as well as to omit durations the ticket was in a particular status

Idea created by tzadell on Aug 3, 2013

    We can currently run ticket duration reports showing the total ticket duration from open to resolved/closed.


    We would like the ability to create ticket duration reports that would show the total ticket duration, as well as to show the following:  


    1)  Duration that subtracts the time that the analyst was not in the office, by utilizing the workshift that is defined on the analyst's contact record.


    2)  Duration a ticket was in a particular status.  (ie:  'Awaiting Customer") 


    Total Duration = 336 hours     (2 full weeks)

    Duration based on analyst workshift hours = 80 hours   (2 weeks of 8 hour work days)  
    Duration waiting on customer = 24 hours  (2 full days)
    Net duration based on analyst hours, minus time waiting on customer = 56 hours 
    In the above example, we would be able to better reflect how long it took the analyst to resolve/close the ticket during the hours they were working, and also not waiting on the customer.