Capture Change Order template on Change Order

Idea created by NatePetreman1304104 on Jul 25, 2013
    Not planned
    • NatePetreman1304104

    When creating a Change Order from a template, there is no reference to that template on the Change Order to report from through CA's BOXI.  This Idea is that the Change Order logs the template id in a field.


    CR records log the template id in a field and Changes do not.


    For cr there is both template_* and base_template_*.  The latter stores an id
    for the template that was used, so then we can bring other properties of the
    parent into the context of the child in a single query.


    For example:  count(cr.ref_num), cr.base_template_ref_num,


    Or, if I need to join data from another query in the report, I'll have a
    numeric field, specifically base_template_ref_num, which I can use to join
    the two query results together.