Make wildcard options manager setting apply everywhere

Idea created by tzadell on Aug 3, 2013
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    The options manager setting to append the wildcard at the end of all searches does not apply in version 12.7 consistently throughout the application.  When this option is set to automatically append, analysts using the system are expecting the wildcard to always be automatically appended at the end of their searches.  I have found that the wildcard does not automatically append when searching from fields in a ticket with the search-as-you-type functionality (ie:  Assignee field), if you are manually typing the wildcard in other places of your search (such as the middle or beginning) -- This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to know how to correctly perform searches and get accurate results.  Consistency to have this option manager setting apply to ALL searches you are doing from anywhere in the system (SEARCH menu or from a field in the ticket) is key to being able to obtain accurate data from the system. 


    Describe the Enhancement Request in Detail.
    The option manager setting for wildcard searching should control all searches you are doing from anywhere in the system -- (from the SEARCH menu or from a field in a ticket).  If you have it installed, the wildcard
    should always automatically append at the end of your search criteria, regardless of where you are searching.  If you have the option uninstalled, it should never automatically append at the end, which still gives you the
    ability to manually type the wildcard at the end if you wish.