RECENT DOCUMENTs Scorboard Option - very slow - search is not filtered

Idea created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 13, 2013
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    • ca.portal.admin

    My Recent Documents on Scoreboard appears to be returning a result set of every "HIT" or READ of a document... and there doesnt appear to be a limit on this result set.     I'm surprised to see this listing is one of HITS vs TITLE or KD#.   I dont need to see that I loooked at a KD 5 times.   That information is for KM stats gathering.  KD Evaluation etc.     As a normal user, I just would like to see the KDs I recently viewed.   


    Currently the result set is returning 4K listing.      Takes 30 seconds to get a result, and each move to another page is another 30 seconds.        Suggestion is to limit this search and display only "recent" documents, as the title suggests... instead of what appears to be a listing of all docs I've viewed since Day 1.   (not to mention every 'hit' or read of any one document) 


    Provide option to review KDs reviewed in the past #of days.. Such as:  last 2 days,  7 days,  1 month, etc.   Folks normally dont want a listing of everything.. they want to see recent or a limited result.    thanks