Auto field completion when saving

Idea created by GlennCameron on Aug 19, 2013
    Not planned
    • GlennCameron
    • lukasz.tkaczewski
    • mirza
    There are several circumstances where when we enter information into a form field and press the "Save" button on the form, we get an error message:
    'Field completion in progress - please wait for a response' enter OK.

    These are cases where if we 'tab' out of the field, some field lookup occurs. If the lookup is unique and doesn't require further user input it gets completed by the lookup. So in short, if we 'tab' out of the field then hit the "Save" button we don't have any problem.

    Is there a patch that can perform the lookup and if no further user input is required, continue with the save and not generate the error message?