Change Activities usage/interface

Idea created by javajam on Aug 28, 2013
    Not planned
    • J_W
    • javajam
    • michaellawrence

    Presently with activities have a menu option and a number of different types of activities. I would suggest the interface would be improved if the menu entry were removed, and replaced by a button near the edit buton named something like "Update/Comment".  On pushing the button one form is loaded much like that of any of the exiting activitie forms. A feid would need to be included to allow the selection of the type of activity in addition to the standard fields in all of the existing activity forms. The forms contain largely the same fields so it really shouldn't become cluttered. Notably live assistance doesn't really fit this usage and might need to be relocated.

    I see a number of possible benefits, the top three being:

    • By removing the dependancy on the menu it simplifies the administration of activity types making it easier for administrators to add a custom activity type. An interface to administer the activity types could even be added to the administration tab in the GUI.
    • By reducing the number of forms used for logging activities it simplifies administration of customizations to the feilds accessible when performing activities.
    • By making all the activity types accessible through a single button push it simplifies usage for users.