Multi-tenancy support for Mobile enabler capability

Idea created by Sandeep.Sharma on Oct 1, 2013
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    Currently, the Mobile Enabler (2.0) does NOT support multi-tenant implementation for the analyst queue functionality. Only workflow task approvals are supported via the approval functionality.

    An increasing number of prospects and customers are keen to roll out enterprise solutions (incl. ITSM) with both multi-tenancy and support for mobile device interface. This is perfectly in line with the increasing trend to adopt cloud computing, BYOD etc. technology.

    It would be good if the mobile enabler application can be enhanced to support multi-tenancy fully. As per CA Support work is being done to fix/ enable this via patch(es). However there is no ETA for that.

    One of the long time CA SDM customers is quite tempted to leverage this capability and expects this in a few months time (end 2013). A lot of support analysts are out in the field daily, with no or limited access to their work station/ laptop,  and this capability would really allow them to review and update tickets assigned to them on the go!