Spectrum: Landscape Display Name / Alias / Friendly Name

Idea created by Arent Employee on Oct 15, 2013
    Currently Planned

    We would like to be able to configure a "Landscape Display Name", Landscape Label, Alias or 'Friendly Name' for display in the Spectrum OneClick client.


    Landscap Display Name Mockup


    In a large environment -25 landscapes here- it isn't GUI-user friendly to have users navigate network model contents under (often near meaningless) host names / landscape handles (i.e. these are the server/landscape identifiers in the Navigation Panel).  It would be great if we could, in e.g. the OneClick server, configure more user friendly names for the landscapes which would predict the contents, e.g. call the landscape "Austria 1" rather than e.g. "viepsppat10 (0x1b000000)" as it is today.


    Large companies will have a naming convention for their servers so we have little flexibility on the host name side. We wouldn't have to rely on host names in the GUI if we had this ER in place.


    Additionally it would be nice if the "Landscape Display Name" could be displayed in list views such as Locater search results. I would consider this an secondary request / added benefit.


    Thanks for your consideration, please see above for an illustration of the potential implementation result and please feel free to contact me with questions and or updates regarding this ER.