When a CO Category is edited the risk field is removed

Idea created by michaellawrence on Sep 9, 2013
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    See case ref 20937639-2 (Summary below)


    When a Change Order category is editied and the status is updated (in the same update), the current risk field set against the category is removed 8pt; padding: 0px;"> 

    R12.6 Reproduce a bug within 'status attribute controls - Within Change Orders'. We have a status attribute dependant control which states when a change is moved from RFC - OPEN the risk must be populated, however we have found a scenario where this isnt being enforced.
    1. Servicedesk/File/new CO/Set category 'Add.IT.Other'/Save
    2. Click on the button 'Risk Survey' and fulfill&submit the survey >> The field 'Risk' gets populated (value = '2-High') 3. Edit the CO and set it's status to 'Open', the Save is granted.
    4. Create CO for category-  Add.IT.Other/save/risk/submit
    Edit the CO and change the Category (without risk attached) When the category is changed the risk field does NOT get removed immediately. >> not immediately (bug?). Only a re-open/edit the CO and risk is empty. >> and at this point, with a non-valid risk-field filled-in, >> in the same update also change the status from RFC - OPEN / save the CO. >> (bug?) since risk is not emptied directly by changing the category, >> the save is granted. >> Which leaves a CO with different category while status is open. Expectation from client: he expects the error here: AHD03121:Required dependent attribute risk is missing from object Change Order. Please cancel and populate the risk field. And this only happens after a re-edit and save of the same CO. This issue's problem situation Edit the CO and change the Category AND status >> IN THE SAME UPDATE