Ticket Sequence Number Format

Idea created by Jennifer_Perdue on Jun 3, 2013

    Currently, SDM allows the ability to edit an existing sequence number format but not the seperation of Request/Incident/Problem into each specific module or allow the creation of new sequence number formats.


    This idea is to either seperate the Request/Incident/Problem or allow the SDM Admins to create a new sequence number format, one specific to each module.  Examples of this issue:  When Request ticket number 123456 is entered, it should come across as R123456.  Incident ticket number 456789 is entered, it should come across as I456789.  Problem ticket number 789123 is entered, it should come across as P789123.


    Instead, you are only allowed to enter one prefix for Request/Incident/Problem.  So all tickets would come across with the same prefix in a manner that does not make sense to the analysts.  This causes a great deal of confusion to the end users as well as the analysts when they are being asked for an update to a ticket.


    Currently, the Change and Issue are the only modules in which you can actually modify the sequence number format in a manner which makes sense to the analysts.


    For more info as to how this functions today, go into the Help menu - select Administration - Service Desk - Sequence Numbers - Edit a Sequence Number Format.