It would be great if CA would publish product 'ERROR Codes with Descriptions'

Idea created by frank.earnhardt on Mar 19, 2013
    Not planned

    This may be a theme for all CA products, but in this case I am dealing with CA Service Desk 12.5.


    User reported issue with product and after replicating, I was able to reproduce the following error:


    GEL10002: Error while building the graph.


    Researching the logs, I found the following details:
    tail on log file


    While reviewing the logs, it is clearly logged with several errors including the error sent to GUI.


    I've searched every aspect of with no hint of these errors.


    In conclusion,
    This is not the first time I have run into this dilemma and thought it would be better if CA would release their product error codes with descriptions. I am sure there is a 'Disclaimer' CA could use to limit the liability.
    Does anyone else think, having these codes could expedite time to resolution?