Ability to Configure Auto Rights

Idea created by Robert Ensinger on Apr 13, 2012
    Under review

    Summary of Enhancement: Provide Administrators an interface to configure how auto rights (permissions) are granted in their system.


    Problem to solve/automate: Some things that it would be nice to have auto rights on have no capability for auto rights (example: automatically grant issue edit instance permission on an issues to the 'Assigned To' user).
    Some things that have auto rights might not be what an organization wants. Provide an interface to configuring how these are set in applicaiton.


    Use cases: 
    1) Organization wants instance level edit granted to Assigned To user on an Issue, Risk or Change Request.
    2) Organization wants the Timesheet Approve permissions auto granted to User defined as Resource Manager on a Resource.


    How you think the product works: No ability to configure how auto permissions are granted.


    How would you like the product to work: Some kind of interface would be nice to set these global auto rights.


    What is the business impact to your implementation:
    - Happier Administrtors: Easier to setup and maintain. Less Permissions Groups.
    - Happier Users: Sytems feels like it automagically knows what the user needs.