Analyst Available vs. Not Available Option in SDM

Idea created by ttorgerson on May 8, 2012

    In the current release of SDM, 12.6, we have only found one way to mark someone available or unavailable and that is through navigating to the contact record and making this change.  For someone on the Service Desk, this has become a routine task but takes many clicks in order to do something simple.


    We auto assign tickets coming in from the employee self service portal to our Service Desk reps, so they must be available in order to receive the tickets.  If they forget to mark themselves available or unavailable, then tickets either get assigned while they are not in the tool or they login and do not get tickets assigned.


    What would be nice to have is two buttons at the top of the Analyst role that allow the Service Desk rep the ability to click to mark themselves available or unavailable without having to drill into their contact record to make this happen.  Additionally, I have had someone state that it would be nice if the tool just automatically made them available if they are logged in and unavailable when logged out, but for us, this would not work all that well as we may want to be logged in, but not receive tickets to work, so I am not fond of that idea, although other companies may like that option.  Lastly, having the availability mapped to say someones calendar so that it automatically changes their availability based on appointments in their calendar.  This would be much more integration driven and require more programming obviously, but there may be companies that might find this worth having since everyone is tied to their calendar and keeping it current is a must do in todays hectic environment (time management is important right).


    So there are three options that could be considered:
    - add two buttons at the top of the analyst role that allow quick changing of ones availability
    - provide the option to make someone available based on their status (logged into the tool or not)
    - integrate with corporate email system and use calendar to represent ones status (this one can become more appealing based on other tools that you have in play - social media tools, etc.)


    Thanks for the consideration.