Reporting and/or CA Business Intelligence forum

Idea created by jw1 on Aug 23, 2012
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    I think there is a need to discuss reporting as a separate topic as well as tools to specific products.  That is that we all often have requirements for reporting that could better be served by a general discussion and best practices that just trying to solve a specific technical problem for, say Support Automation or Service Level targets.


    This would also allow us to distinguish between specific report tools and to provide feedback on what is working and what needs attention - especially when we have modifications or schema changes.


    For example: when is CA BI the best tool for managers vs. analysts or supervisors?  What have others developed in terms of real-time operations vs. trending reports?


    Since CA BI is now included with so many products, would this be better as a completely new Community or as additions to each existing Community where CA BI is included?