Ability to auto-number task IDs in project plans

Idea created by NataliePratt1316676 on Jan 27, 2012

    It would be very nice if we could add "auto number" of a task ID that would work similar to MS project.  The project manager should be able to have auto number on or choose to manually maintain it at the project level.


    This task ID should represent where it currently fits into the plan, so if it is moved, it should re-number to show how it fits into the work breakdown structure.  This way, you can always count on "sorting by" this task ID and that your tasks in clarity will come up in the order of the ID and look like the plan in OWB.  Today, if I don't manually maintain those tasks to be in a sortable order, in clarity there's no good way to sort the tasks.  The default is to sort by task name which is not useful at all.