Expanded options for auto assignment of tickets and timeouts

Idea created by ttorgerson on May 8, 2012

    We perform auto assignment for tickets that go to our Service Desk team (likely very common in other companies).  Based on our preliminary usage, it appears that tickets are assigned based on the # of tickets that exist in each reps queue.  For instance, if Sue has 7 tickets (regardless of status) and Todd has 4 tickets (again regardless of status), then Todd would receive the next 3 tickets that were opened before Sue received any other tickets.  The challenge that I have with this approach is that it assumes that all of the tickets in Sue's queue are active (i.e. in a non wait state and have not been worked).  This may or may not be the case, but they could all be in 'awaiting end user response' status, which means that Sue is sitting with no work to do while Todd gets slammed with tickets.


    In our prior tool, auto assignment was called round robin and it didn't matter how many tickets one rep had in relation to another... each ticket came in and was round robined to the reps (so Todd would get one, then Sue would get the next, then Dan would get the next, etc.).  This worked very well for us and ensured that no one person was cherry picking tickets nor waiting on work while someone else was slammed.


    It would be nice if the auto assign feature within SDM provided options on how the auto assignment worked (i.e. true round robin, the way it does today, etc.).


    Also, worth mentioning, the prior tool also had a timeout that if the ticket was say assigned to Todd and due to his workload he was unable to work the ticket within 30 minutes, it would get auto reassigned to the group, so that another rep could pick up the ticket to work.


    Thanks for the consideration.