Mobile OneClick

Idea created by DCPS_Jeff on Mar 14, 2011

    Basically what i am looking for is an Application for Android/IPhone devices that will allow our remote support staff to easily access OneClick via the mobile device. All that they would need to do is connect to the network via wireless connectivity and launch the application. It would require input as to the Spectroserver/OneClick server to connect to and the username/password which could be stored in the application.


    It would be nice if it had logic to default the view to the site container/Global Collection associated with the network they are connected to, but allowing them to select their site/Global Collection would be equally as effective.


    The functional requirements of the application would be such that they can view, acknowledge, clear, and email alarms, directly from the mobile device just as they would normally do via the OneClick client. I envision this as a series of lists and tables. Upon launching the application they would be displayed a list of global collections and upon selecting the GC they would see the alarm table view (sorted by severity would be nice). Then by selecting an alarm they can be presented the details of the alarm and have the functionality described above (view,acknowledge, clear, email). All rights/permissions would be the same as if the user was connecting via the OneClick client.


    This would enable our remote support staff to leverage their mobile devices by assisting them in the most efficient manner and have less time spent connecting to Oneclick via a desktop/laptop, as well as spending more time resolving issues than going through emailed alerts to determine their priorities.


    In addition, as technology evolves and pushes more functionality to mobile devices, it allows CA to offer a more progressive and well rounded solution to fault management.


    I am suggesting this idea based upon my experiences and functionality i would find useful, i am anxious to see how others would utilize this capability and what functionality they would suggest.