Flexible Maintenance Mode Schedules

Idea created by cncook001 on Mar 15, 2011

    Allow a flexible setup for "schedules".  Main intention is for Maintenance
    outage windows, but since it is a schedule it can be used with other parts of Spectrum.


    We have scheduled maintenance events on the first Monday of the month.  Last
    business day of the month, last Friday of the month, etc.


    Yahoo calendar does this well (specifically the repeat date   function).  It seems to cover many different options, using 3 lines.


    [ ] this event does not repeat


    [ ] repeat (every/every other/every third/every fourth) (day/week/month/year
    /mon,wed,fri/tue & thur/mon thru fri/sat & sun)


    [ ] repeat on the (first/second/third/fourth/last)
    (sun/mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat) of the month every (month/other month/3 months
    /4 months/5 months/6 months/year)


    This would allow for many more combinations of maintenance modes than currently allowed.