Add a notes field for maintenance mode

Idea created by adambragg on Apr 6, 2011
    Currently Planned

    Ever wonder why a component is in maintenance or hibernation mode?  Me too!


    It would be great if there was a seperate notes field that was linked to maintenance/hibernation mode that the user that placed the device in that state could update.  That way, when others are looking at that device in Spectrum, they know why the device is brown.


    Also, the user should be able to add notes to the schedule when they schedule the maintenance mode that will appear when the device is brown.


    So why not use the already existing model notes field?
    1. That field is static, so even when the device is moved out of maintenance, the model notes field would still have the stale input in it.
    2. In my organization, we are already using the model notes field for other purposes.  I am sure that we are not alone on that.