Usability: Support proper DPI scaling of Plex generated applications

Idea created by plexcat on Nov 16, 2011

    As an end user of Plex generated applications, I want the applications to properly scale to the DPI settings that I configure in the Windows operating system. I will then be able to read the screens and enter correct data even in demanding environments.

    Please also read the following excerpt from a letter on the subject by one of our customers.


    Many processes of the new application generate and update data and documents that are legally binding and that must be produced, signed and verified immediately with clients, judges, lawyers and police officers standing by and waiting. Mistakes when reading or entering a date, a person-identification-number, an account-number or a passport-ID could have immediate and severe consequences. In addition, a night or week-end shift at the screen lasts up to 11 hours and the space on desks is limited and so is the number and size of screens (24” is standard). Over 200 laptops with considerably smaller screens must be ready at all times for emergency use at crime scenes, airports and other locations outside the offices. Furthermore allowances have to be made for users with reduced eye-sight. Consequently the Head of Department declared as mandatory the possibility to use the 125% display zoom of Windows 7 with corresponding enlargement of the type font for the entire application.

    Under the circumstances described it is unacceptable that a zoom of 125% has no effect whatsoever on the size of fonts and fields of MFC-controls in CA Plex, while the rest of the text and controls as well as all our Windows Office products adapt gracefully as expected. Because of the many data and information that has to be displayed on screen simultaneously, a zoom of 150% (which does work with MFC-controls in CA Plex) crops information on the screen and is not an option.




    Technical note:

    Scaling to 125 % does not work in child panels. In modern Plex applications, where we use an explorer style interface, all panels are child panels.

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