Integrating ITSM tool with Social Media tools.

Idea created by michael.slabodnick on Apr 15, 2011
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    I just got off the phone with a sales rep from Yammer (  During the conversation my mind came to a thought - wouldn't it be great if CA Service Desk could integrate with Yammer?  Here's the best scenario:  An employee has a question so they post it on Yammer (or Twitter), with a hashtag of #ithelp.  That message then goes to Service Desk which then checks the knowledgebase and posts a possible answer.  If the answer is incorrect, the user could reply to that message (basically a bot).  If there is no answer, Service Desk then takes the user's information (hopefully with up-to-date contact information) and creates a ticket.  Before you think this is rediculous, take a look at  This is already being developed.  Since Yammer has an open API and is fairly young, it's a company that already has an established technology that could greatly enhance CA Service Desk.