CA SDM Integration with MS TFS 2010 Server

Idea created by Hari.Saligommula on Dec 7, 2011
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    Today i have requested a feature enhancement request in Ca support.
    I would like to know how useful and impact for the business process improvement from the comunity.


    Today most of the organisations are using the MS TFS server for thier Application Life cycle Management includes code versioning, code management of Dev, testing and production environements. When a testing team certifies the code for enhancement/bug fix, this code is moving around in the TFS server in organization proposed stages. Once it is certified, the code moving to the production for which there was RFC created in the CA SDM.


    Here TFS team would like to see the RFC numbers and details in the TFS itself instead of navigating to the CA SDM page.


    Why Need of TFS and SDM integration?


    All the defects/bugs detected are managed in the HP Quality Center. Based on the defects/bugs the code development process is goind and when initial code is moving in to the TFS, TFS analysts are easily able to identify the defects and they are associting them with the code for the code build and migration to the testing and production environment. HP has provided a piece of code - called synchronizer which fetches the data from the QC to the TFS which are viewed in the TFS server- making the task simple, less time consuming and defects-code association.


    When this is the case, then the customer will expect the RFC details should also associated with code in the RFC and few RFCs are created particularily foe the software change managment team (TFS analysts).


    comments please.