SC - SDM touchpoints (related to quarterly Service Management meeting)

Idea created by mderidde on Nov 14, 2012
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    Just having reviewed the replay of the recent broadcast of the Servie Management quarterly meeting ( ) on the SDM and SC integration / roadmap I noticed that CA is looking for ideas to be posted on the Community pages.

    I thought this would be a good time to add some ideas/thought/issues I have seen before when trying to integrate CA Service Desk Manager and CA Service Catalog.

    This list is in no way complete so please add any items you want so we can get a better community support and also (when we do get enough support) have CA understand what they can focus onto in future releases.


    So here are some thoghts already:

    • Is there a way to have a single point of entrance where end users can see the requests submitted through Catalog as well as the incidents submitted in Service Desk. (preferably using SDM employee interface as the single point of entrance, then seeing your Catalog requests there next to your Service Desk incidents in the scoreboard. Or maybe a way to show all SDM tickets in Catalog while also offering all other SDM portal functionality from within Catalog: SupportBridge, KB, announcements, …). During the quartely meeting CA Openspace was mentioned. This looks a promising idea, but we would still need for combined widgets that take data from both SDM and SC in order to provide a nice overview to end users on all their open tickets (both Catalog and SDM)
    • Service Desk has a maileater, but Catalog not, so we cannot easily set up email updates from customers to Catalog tickets.
    • Along the same lines: with Service Desk set up you would/could typically have new emails create a Service Desk Request. But doing so would not have that item show up in Catalog so end users again have 2 places to go look at Requests… (how do we convert Service Desk tickets that got created by maileater into Service Catalog Requests)
    • Also related to emails: a way to do real email approvals (reply to a mail, or click on a link in the mail to approve your request (or complete a task in SDM for the manner) without the need to open up the SC request approval page (or SDM task page) would be sweet.
    • How to send out surveys for Catalog requests (as we would set up surveys for Incidents in Service Desk and customers are looking for the same functionality on Catalog requests). Or in other words: can we have surveys in Catalog?
    • How to report over both the Service Desk and Catalog universes (like getting a report of all incidents and requests linked to the groups that worked on tickets and the survey results to improve support group quality).
    • How to leverage the Service Desk Knowledge base functionality inside Service Catalog
    • How to manage the notifications coming from both tools in a transparent way (so that Change Orders created during the Catalog requests fulfilment cycle do not notify end users and updates would only come from the Catalog request for example.)
    • With analysts working in Service Desk mainly, they need a way to easily find back tickets generated off Service Catalog requests when end users call in for updates. (Not all customers are ITIL aware so to them it is hard to understand that incidents and changes have different numbering systems, with Catalog in the mix it gets even more confusing as analysts don’t know if they need to look for a SDM incident, change order or Catalog request when they get a follow up call.)
    • Better (out of the box) integration (mainly from Service Desk side) to update Catalog requests with actions done in Service Desk matching tickets. We touched on this in the above items already: a way to determine what updates/activities should go between tools, notifications, surveys, ... in the perfect world they should all look to be coming from one tool/solution or at least not conflict with each other.

    As you can see many of the items above basically come down to this: the end users don't want to care about requests, incidents, change orders and what have you, so any way to make some abstraction but still have it all work nicely together would be a great benefit, also in light of the CA competitors that sometimes already have such integrated request and incident management tools.

    I also realize that with some customizations it may be possible to implement many (if not all) of the above items, but as someone mentioned in the broadcast, many companies chose for CA tools hoping that they do no longer need to customize homemade tools anymore.

    Please add any of your SDM-SC integration items to this list. Let's see if we can get some community support on these.

    Thanks in advance!