RE: Support Automation installation on Primary server

Idea created by hernanlo86 on Jul 25, 2012
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    • hernanlo86

    Hi Paul, Yesterday i was assisted by a CA engeneer via chat and he told me that if you intall SA in the primary server you don't need to run the "pdm_perl" command. That command is needed just when installing SA in a secundary server. Then i had to do the following: 1. install sa_domsrvr, sa_primary_domsrvr and supportautomation_url in SDM(Admin tab > Option Manager > Support Automation). 2. Restart SDM server. 3. On SDM server run "pdm_status" and verify that "SA Object Mgr" & "CA SA Tomcat" DAEMONs were up and running. 4. Check in SDM app that SA tab appears. This steps solved my problem Hope it helps-- [DocumentBodyEnd:8294f908-fe32-44de-82d7-f55f4faa9135] -->