Ability to create a new status that functions like the OOTB Cancelled status

Idea created by Brian_Mathato Employee on Aug 2, 2012
    Not planned
    • Brian_Mathato

    We need a way to cancel the pending workflows using new statuses other than the OOTB "Cancelled" (CNCL) status. Currently the OOTB "Cancelled" status (CNCL) seems to be the only one that can be used to cancel incomplete\pending workflow statuses or Change Order records. To have this functionality on any status other than the OOTB "Cancelled" status,  one has to rely on writting custom trigger (spel-code).


    Upon checking this I found that there is a trigger on Change Order (chg) namely: "POST_CI cancel_wf_on_abandon( id ) 75 FILTER status { -> "CNCL"};" which is only triggered on the "Cancelled" status. This trigger cannot be modified as it is Read-Only when viewed from the  the Schema Designer.


    So we need a way to create new statuses that can behave same as the "Cancelled" status or the ability to update the trigger to include other statuses that can trigger the same fuction triggered by the "Cancelled" status.