Priority Field Reset in Priority Matrix calculation

Idea created by Hari.Saligommula on Aug 21, 2012
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    • sprins
    • Hari.Saligommula
    • daniel.knabl

    When we use priority matrix calculation feature to set priority value in the Incident/Problem, we are seeing an behaviour which is not ideal in End-user perspective.


    What is happening:
    When we use priority matrix calculation and when we are saving incident/problem and if there are any PRE_VALIDATE condition fails on UI, Priority value is automatically reset to 'NONE' and some times Urgency and Impact fields reset to blank. End-user correct those values to pass PRE_VALIDATE condition and try to save the ticket, it gives an error saying to reset the priority value.


    What need to change:
    Keeep the values in urgency, impact and priority fields instead of reset to some blank or 'NONE' values.