Make Knowledge Approval Mechanism More Dynamic

Idea created by Jason_Bracewell on May 22, 2012
    Not planned

    During a recent implementation of Knowledge in Service Desk, our organization found the current approval mechahnism for publishing knowledge documents to be very inadequate for an organization of our size and structure.  Having to select a specific person or group for approval tasks to be assigned to made it difficult for us to use the built in approval mechanism.  We utilize trained resources within each support area to review,  approveand publish their on documents.  Because of this routing documents to the same group or person doesn't work for us.


    The way would have liked to use the approval mechanism was to allow all analysts to submit a knowledge document, have an approval task for "SME Review", then a final task for "Knowledge Management Review".  Because the subject expert will vary by document, we could not utilize the approval mechanism to assign to the subject expert dynamically


    My suggestion for making the approval mechanism more dynamic would be to have the option of specifying a person/group or  allow a Knowledge Administrator to specify a contact attribute from the knowledge document to determine who the document should be routed to for each task in the approval process instead of having to route to a specific person or group.


    For example, if you have a task in the approval process for "SME Review", have that task always be routed to the contact that is populated in the Subject Expert field of the knoweldge document, rather than sending every document to the same person for that step in the process.


    This would provide the ability to create a more customizable approval process for knowledge to support different organizational structures.