Accurate Acknowledge Date - Enhancement request #21121574-2

Idea created by jessica.rust on Oct 30, 2012
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    • ioani01
    • DennisSanok1314489
    • robert.graff
    • jessica.rust
    • tzadell
    • hjrivera

    The acknowledge date should be set automatically whenever the status for a ticket is first set to anything other than the default initial status.


    Tickets do not currently track or store the date a ticket was first acknowledged (set to any 'in-progress or resolved/closed' type status).  Instead, Business Objects (BOXI) determines the acknowledge date by grabbing the earliest occurence of a status update or close activity for a ticket. This is not always accurate as many times our level 1 support staff will initally save a ticket as 'in-progress' (or something similar) since they are the ones logging and working on it. Because of the way the calculation works, those analysts won't get credit for immediately acknowledging a ticket - they will only get credit once the ticket has been closed (possibly days later) or when they update the status for some reason (like marking the ticket as waiting for customer feedback). Currently we would have to force our level 1 analysts to initially save their tickets and then immediately update the status in order for the acknowledge date to be accurate. This is not a viable option as the goal is always to make these analysts more efficient, not less.