Global Search Engine

Idea created by nkopr01 Employee on Jun 5, 2013
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    I would like to see a global search engine for the service desk administrator, the search engine must be able to search for anything that is on the service desk and not be restricted by a role or the search engine for incident, request and problem.

    It must be able to search through all the objects, scoreboards,forms everything that is on the service desk, It must also specify the path where it got the results. This will make the job of the administrator very easy.

    I struggled to find what i was looking for on the service desk as requested by a user, the search engine will really do the administrator some justice.
    For an example i wanted to look for a scoreboard that had SLA that were violating on that day, i did not know which role it was in i had to search through all the roles and open each and every scoreboard to see what it had. That took a lot of my time to open every folder and checking what it had on the inside.

    What i would like to see is a search engine just like microsoft where the search on the start button gives you a path and the simillar things that look like what you are searching for.

    I also think this can also help the admninistrators that are new on service desk, it will help them to find information very easy

    Thank you.