Allow Spectrum to change all model attributes including Model type     when a model is reconfigured and changes are detected.

Idea created by Socky-KIT on Nov 1, 2013
    Under review

    Issue: When a model is detected as type A and created in Spectrum OID X, but then at a later stage the SNMP profile on the device gets updated for whatever reason to tpye B, SPectrum notices these changes but as the model still have the same OID, we are given a "Different Type Model" event notification.

    The current solution to this issue is to delete the model and rediscover it, which in my opinion is a ridiculous solution, considering the potential impact of an OID being modelled incorrectly in the toolset (incorect SNMP profile and interroregating, trap miss-interpertating), and the possible impact of the current 'solution' - data loss, the effect on end of month reporting etc.

    My request is that we get an option in Spectrum to re-model the device fully if required. The current reconfigure option, or rediscover MIB's option does not always succeed.