Make Date Format options non-global

Idea created by sprins on Nov 6, 2013
    Not planned
    • mirza
    • AHD4.0
    • mderidde

    We would like the date/formats to be set at a user and/or role level, instead of at a global level. Currently this is set in the bopcfg\web.cfg file. There are limitations to the date also, for example, we cannot enter MMM to receive JAN or FEB, instead we only receive numeric values. We have users in Canada where they use the date format differently than we do. In some areas of Canada, if you do not make the application available in their language, then you could be penalized by the government. Currently, we cannot have the option to have the date format according to US standards for some people, and Canadian standards for others. Having this at a user/role/access type level and/or having the option to make the date alphanumeric would be helpful for us in this situation.