Multiple emails for a contact

Idea created by sam.cohen on Nov 14, 2013
    Not planned
    • johnv
    • Anja.Engel

    We have many users in our large organization with multiple email addresses.  THe result is that some messages to CASDM are recognized, and others are submitted to "anonymous" (we have that option on; otherwise they would be rejected).  When they go to anonymous, the user does not get a response.

    We would like to see the ability to have multiple emails per contact, and specify if each is to be used inbound and/or outbound.  I would suggest that the defaults be all inbound, and the first outbound.

    In lieu of this, we would need to create multiple contacts per person, which would lead to another level of confustion.  As it is now, we spend a lot of time realigning email addresses.