Traceroute Via SpectroSERVER

Idea created by Arent Employee on Nov 21, 2013

    Hello Product Development, Community,

    We should have a "traceroute [via the SpectroSERVER]" option in the OneClick RightClick and Tools menu. When we lose connectivity to e.g. a group of devices and a routing problem is suspected, a right-click 'traceroute' option would greatly help the troubleshooting by providing insight in the routing between SpectroSERVER and the unreachable device.

    Since the OneClick clients are usually located on a different network, any traceroute run on the client does not provide the required information. Same goes for traceroute through a OneClick server as it may well be located in a different network from the SpectroSERVER(s).

    Thanks for your consideration and please be invited to vote this up.