Add Option for "Need More Info" to Service Catalog Mobile Interface

Idea created by TomW on Nov 27, 2013
    Not planned
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    Our end users are asking for a third option beyond approve/reject for Service Catalog requests. They would like to see a "Need More Info" option. By clicking on this option the approver would be able to send a message back to the requester with a link to a form to complete before making the approve/reject decision. In an ideal world, the approver could actually pick multiple forms to point the user back to. Also, the form(s) would be configurable on a per service basis.

    The flow would look something like this:

    1) Requester submits the request --> Approver click on "Need more info"

    2) Approver annotates comments that guide the requester on what more info is needed

    3) The request is updated to a status of "More Information Needed"

    4) Requester receives a notification (e.g. email) that tells them more info is needed and includes the Approver comments guiding on what more info is needed; email contains a link that the requester can click on and complete the form that provides the additional info needed

    5) Requester follows the link (works via browser or mobile app) and completes the form with additional info.

    6) Approver receives notification to approver/reject/need more info (could see a scenario where the user still doesn't provide the necessary info and approver still needs more info)

    [Repeat 2-6 until approver is able to approver/reject request]