Stored Query for group's manager_flag

Idea created by antti.pyykko on Dec 13, 2013
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    From the early beginning, we have used the group's (grp object) manager (manager_flag attribute) checkbox to indicate who are the responsible members of groups. As long as we have used this feature we have used customized scoreboard nodes to give us the tickets (e.g. incidents) that are assigned to groups in which the logged in user is group manager. Since there was no way to do this (i.e. stored query for this) OOTB, we had to do this via customization - which worked until SDM r12.5 CUM #1. Ever since our customization hasn't worked because of changes in stored query parsing.

    In brief what we would want is:
    Being able to create a stored query that returns all tickets (e.g. incidents) that belong to a group, in which the logged in user is a member AND his/her manager_flag = 1.


    It's actually quite disconcerting that at the moment there seems to be now way of creating a stored query that would exploit the grp object's manager_flag attribute right - nevertheless it's one of the most basic things to create a stored query that gives us tickets for group members. If you're able to write a n-n-relationship for grp object, wouldn't it be fair to enable to the same operation for manager_flag also?

    I'm quite sure were not the only ones longing for this. Being able to do this OOTB instead of creating complex customizations would be such a relief-- [DocumentBodyEnd:727561e9-478d-42b4-859c-7340ab9cdce5] -->