Enhance domsrvr resiliency

Idea created by kenrolfsmeyer on Dec 16, 2013
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    Currently if you load 70,000+ CIs into the CMDB, then run cmdb_update_ambiguity, as you are supposed to do, domsrvr.exe crashes then restarts.  If you do not integrate SDM with any other CA products, this is not an issue as pdm_proctor_nxd restarts domsrvr.exe and SDM processing continues.  However, if you use SOI or Spectrum to send event management alarms into SDM as incidents, SOI and Spectrum integrations die and need to be manually restarted.  I have opened 2 different cases on this issue and CA Support tells me this is a product limitation defined in the following article:

    https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/solncdndtls?aparNo=RI27896&os=WINDOWS&fc=1&actionID=3#relatedproblems Because of this I'd like to suggest improving the resiliency of domsrvr.exe so it can be an enterprise class executable able to withstand this level of activity.  Large enterprises may have hundreds of thousands of CIs and should be able to load them as needed rather than piecemeal.