Removing Classic Workflow Template

Idea created by crandall on Dec 18, 2013
    Not planned
    • kimputtman

    Currently, when selecting "Remove" to remove a Classic Workflow Template and there are still active tasks associated with the category, the following will happen:


    • The tasks will be removed from the Change Category Detail
    • the flow_flag of the Change Order category will be set to NULL within the chgcat table
    • Error messages will display in the stdlog stating that active tasks are still associated to the category

    Currently, the only way to rectify this is to complete the active tasks prior to removing the Classic Workflow Template. However, if a user Removes the template from the category while there are still active tasks, then the user has no idea there are issues with the category.

    I would like to see an error message displayed if there are active tasks still associated to the Change Order category to prevent a user from removing the template until the Active tasks are completed.

    Thank you,

    Clinton Randall