Unexpected behavior of emaileater

Idea created by VSMANE on Dec 30, 2013
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    Hi All,


    This thread is regarding the unexpected behavior of emaileater. We have opened a case regarding same with CA Support and it was identified as BUG in the CA Service Desk Manager r12.7.


    Below is the detail of the Issue:


    What we are doing:


    When ever creating ticket via email along with attachment with it, the attachment gets attached to the ticket and can be opened too (as OOTB feature).

    Expected Behavior:


    Attached file attribute should be updated in 'attmnt' table

    Current Behavior:

    Below attributes of attached file are not getting updated

    • rel_file_path
    • file_size
    • file_type


    1. Atttached file attributes should be updated in 'attmnt' table when ticket created via email with attachment.

    2. Repository details have only one attribute for file size limit, 'File Limit Size' which is for upper file size limit. It should have one more attribute for 'Lower Limit of File'.


    Thanks in advacnce.