Make Event Calendar setting configurable

Idea created by kimputtman on Dec 30, 2013
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    In SD 12.7, the events calendar is very difficult to configure. Our business would like to see different views of data in the calendar. If some elements were easily configurable, we could more easily meet the need. Some useful configuration options would be:

    1) Show only items in particular status(s), selectable by the admininistrator.

    2) Ability to change the default time window. (A month is too long to show useful data)

    3) Ability to suppress or display conflict information

    4) Ability to display a particular CI class or family. For this one, we would default a particular display, but allow a user to update it, to reflect their particular interests

    5) Ability to supress or display data elements in what shows in the calendar. For example, we may want to show change builder name, but not show change type.