Easy way to identify active parent tickets with no active children

Idea created by jessica.rust on Jan 8, 2014
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    • L.Elias
    • Peter De Zutter
    • jessica.rust
    • Kyle_R

    I have already upvoted the idea to have classic workflow available for Requests, but since that functionality doesn't exist our current work-around is using a parent request and then creating child requests for each piece of the request.  Once all children have been completed, the assignee of the parent then notifies the customer of completion and resolves the parent.  The problem is that there isn't currently an easy way for the analysts to know if all children have been completed without manually checking each parent ticket individually.

    If classic workflow will not be made available for requests, we would like either:
    a) the ability to create a scoreboard node (stored query) for active tickets with 1+ children where all children are inactive
    b) the ability to setup a notification to fire only when the last active child ticket for a parent is made inactive (ie at time of resolution for a child ticket, check if the parent ticket has any other active children and, if not, notify parent assignee/group)


    Business Impact: Analysts may have 30 or more active parent tickets in their queue.  Many of these have resolution targets of 2-5 days.  The analyst must check daily if the work requested in the child tickets has been completed.  Currently, this requires opening each of the tickets in the queue and checking the status of tickets on the parent\child tab.   It is tedious and time consuming.  It also is easy to click on the wrong ticket and miss checking one on the list or re-check one that was just viewed – as analysts may be interrupted periodically during the process.  If only those that need attention appear in the scoreboard node then they are immediately aware of which ones to work on and the volume of work for the day is readily apparent.