Able to view Child Ticket from Parent/Child relationship tab for other Groups

Idea created by Gurpreet.kochhar on Jan 16, 2014
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    We is using data partition for group i.e. . We has opened a Parent and child ticket and linked it to Parent and child relationship tag & when child ticket has been transfered to the other group (user not part of this group), then the user and members of group (which this user belongs) were able to view the some details of child ticket in Parent ticket in SDP r11.2.
    But when SDP11.2 has been migrated to Service Desk 12.7, then user are able to view the some details of child ticket in Parent ticket but members of the group((which this user belongs) does not able to view the child ticket details.

    As per CA Support, the data parition didn't prevent a non member assignee to view since R11.2 had some limitations with table JOINS in data partitions.

    Multiple table joins didn't work in R11.2 which was incorporated with R12.1 onwards. This is what is preventing it to work in the R12.7 version.

    But We is using this as a functionality to view child tickets whether child ticket belongs to him or nt.

    I am also giving below scenario
    Datapartion using (group.group_list.member IN ( or assignee IN or We IN or log_agent IN )

    1. User1 is a member of Group1
    2. User2 is a member of group1
    3. User3 is a member of Group2

    Now User1 has opened 1 Parent incident(Tic No. 12) and 1 Child Incident(Tic No. 13) and linked to Parent
    Both tickets are having Group1 assigned to it.
    Now User1 has transfered Child ticket to Group2, Now User1 are able to see child ticket due to datapartion Log_agent but User2 (members of same earlier Group1) are not able to view the child ticket.

    Any Idea on this requirement

    Business Impact:- Members of the same group are not able to track the tickets i.e. what is the status of the child ticket which is attached to parent ticket (which were present in SDP11.2). Also we can not remove group data partition.