User friendly universe on SDM required

Idea created by Albert.Krab on Jan 17, 2014
    Not planned
    • J_W
    • lilmoss
    • driss

    At the moment the SDM universe is very user unfriendly.

    You need to know your way around from screen attribute names to  database names into Universe names to create a report. Besides that the universe gives attributes that are not used in reports (or their condition)
    if a BO user is going into the SDM universe they will go back out immediatelly.

    BO is meant to create reports in a quick way which is needed because SDM itself has poor report functionallity. As mentioned above BO des not give quick answer because the poor universe provided.

    Ideal world would be that what you see on teh SDM screen is found in the SDM universe under the same attribute name.