Mass changes to service offerings and/or forms?

Idea created by jw1 on Jan 28, 2014
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    Mass changes to service offerings?

    When creating a new SC for a large customer or when adding a new BU for almost any size organization; it is essential to be able to make mass updates to a established SC system.

    We need pubished and supported methods/tools to load new Offerings and/or Forms.  For example, GRLoader for the CMDB.  I am not refering to the Tools\Import and Export to XML.  The documentation for this discusses only using it for backup or migration between systems.

    At the very least, we should have XML and database schema definitions and data diagrams as we have for the MDB for SDM.  The SC web service calls do reference required fields but there are no published examples of using this for real administrative functions.  If we had a comprehensive data definition library we could code our own ETL solutions.