Tagging specific transaction(s) in a VSI

Idea created by telro01 Employee on Feb 4, 2014
    • telro01
    • Stefana_Muller

    When a VSI has multiple specific Tx for each logical operation, it is very difficult to drill down to the specific Tx that one may want to edit/look at. Currently the Tx IDs are displayed, but they are not very useful for pin-pointing to a specifc match if there are 10's, 100's of specific Tx.

    It would be very useful to have a "Tag" or "Note" field for each specific Tx that can be a free-form and if the user can input a Test Case/Scenario name or ID from ALM, it would be very easy to sift though the specific matches.


    1. During recording provide a way for the user to specificy the "Tag" or "Note", that can be persisted to VRS
    2. During rr-pair process, maybe pick the rr-name to add to the "Tag" or "Note"