SDM Multi-language support

Idea created by gonsh01 Employee on Feb 18, 2014

    Hi Team!

    Customer has currently SDM 12.7PB

    Customer Embraer asked to raise this IDEA related to Multi-Language.
    They are already aware that they can have secondary servers in each country (France, China, Brazil, for example) with the local language of that country.

    But what customer is complaining is that the information in the database is only in the language that CA SDM was installed. For example: if Service Desk was installed in English, the spelling, search in knowledge base,  SDM dictionary are only in English. And they do not see this as a full solution of Multi-Language.

    Do you know if we have anything planned for CA Service Desk to have a fully Multi-Language as customer would like to have? If yes, is there any target date for this?

    Customer is not asking a commitment date, they only want to get an estimate date.

    Thank you in advance,